Monday, 6 January 2014

It's 2014!

Blimey! Well what's been happening over the last few months?

1. Moved House (again)
2. Started a new job
3. Did Christmas dinner for the first time at my house
4. Won £20 at the Bingo on New Years Eve

Yes that is correct, I am on day 6 of no smoking and it is going well :) I have an electronic cigarette with several different flavours of liquid including Raspberry, Butterscotch and Bubblegum!

I have actually applied for a Passport :O I haven't had one since 2009, and I will be going to Dublin in April which I am really rather excited about. I am also going to Edinburgh in March to see Stevie & Lee (Lee is in Grease) and then Darlington Operatic Society are doing Grease in April - I hope to be in the lighting crew for the show as I work awkward hours (6pm-2am).

Last year overall was pretty pants so I am hoping this year is going to be better!

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