Thursday, 5 September 2013

Moving On...

So I have probably applied for about 50 jobs now and have had 1 interview for an Office Manager job - didn't get it but only because I don't have line manager experience. I think *fingers crossed* I might have a job at Student Loans - direct access from NAAFI instead of going through a temp agency. It's back shift hours 6pm-2am but for me that actually works out well :) I am really rather excited about it and hope I can turn around in a month and blog about my new job!

Smunkee production is coming on slowly, I doubt I will have the number I had planned as I only have 15 days left and only 44 Smunkees lol!

This weekend Stacey and I are going to a Smart Car rally! It sounds like it's going to be FUN! Camping at Ullswater with drunken quizzes and a Smarty Tube (drive out with only Smart cars). I will try and get some good photos!

This evening will be mostly Smunkee making with a brief stint at the pub with the Boys Brigade lot ^_^

Spud x

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