Wednesday, 21 August 2013

A lot to have lost...

Well it is nearly September and I have lost my Nanny, my relationship with Ste, the house, my friendship with Ste and now my job.

I now have no contact with the Lauder's - it all went sour towards the end. Oh well, another year wasted of potentially being happy with someone I love :(

My work is going through massive restructure and I got made redundant at the end of July so I have until 31st October to find a new job. So far I have applied for about 30 positions and heard nothing back about any of them! It is very disheartening and frustrating knowing I can do these jobs but haven't been given the chance to show I can.

I moved out of my parents and into a beautiful apartment share with a Kiwi called Jon. It's a lovely apartment and Jon and I get on great :)

I have some exciting news about Smunkees - I will be holding a stall at the first ever Festival of Thrift on 21/22 September at Lingfield Point. I have Public Liability Insurance now so I should be able to do other stalls as well. I have been Smunkee making nearly every day for a couple of weeks now but still need to make about 50+ Smunkees in 31 days! Eeeeek!

Now I just continue job hunting, Smunkee making and try not to get too down in the dumps!

Spud x

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