Friday, 14 June 2013

Summer? What Summer?

Well, I have moved back in with my parents - into the Dining Room/Conservatory section of the house. Quite roomy, bit stuffy and VERY bright, especially at 5am in the morning! It took a little while to reschedule my sleeping pattern as I was used to getting up at 5:30am every morning.

Unfortunately I have been poorly and the doctors are investigating Asthma :( So I now have two different coloured Inhalers and a Peak Flow Monitor!

Ste & I have been going to a couple of bike meets in the area which is nice - I get to see LOTS of pretty motorbikes and even got to sit on one! I just have to get my licence sorted now so I can get my own bike. Ste is off to Germany at the end of July for a week - I can't go :( he doesn't want to have to ride with me on the back, which makes sense. I don't think I will win the lottery and pass 3 bike tests by 26th July (not to mention get a passport) otherwise I could have gone too!

Work is as manic as ever - it often feels like we will never reach the end of the tunnel but I am told the end is near!

I had to pull out of auditions for the next Darlington Operatic Society show as I lost my voice :( I hope to continue on as a crew member though.

So for now it's all go making Smunkees for Darlington Community Carnival at the end of the month.

If the weather brightens up a bit I might even take myself off camping to Loughrigg Tarn again.

I took Ste last weekend, however he doesn't really do proper camping and I think I would prefer it on my own :)

Spud x

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