Saturday, 27 April 2013

War Wound from moving house!

So we started moving out of the house yesterday and we are nearly done today, however I came out with a killer war wound...

I didn't realise how deep it was until the blood started seeping through my leggings and running down my leg :/

Luckily Ste found me a Finding Nemo plaster lol!

So now I am at Ste's babysitting his sister (M) as he is out at Sunderland Dogs and his mum (J) is out in Yarm. I wonder which one of them will get in first!

I am knackered but gotta stay up at least as long as M :/ We are currently watching Modern Family which is always a good laugh. We attempted to play Monopoly however M is VERY easily distracted and it took 20 minutes to go round the board 3 times! So we gave up trying to do two things at once lol!

So we need to finish off moving stuff then start cleaning the house. Maybe we can have a day of doing absolutely nothing on Monday before going back to work on Tuesday.

It will be completely weird being at home on my own every evening and waking up on my own, but Ste and I will still see each other however many times a week and we are going out for a meal on my birthday and camping in June :)

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