Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sad times...

Unfortunately my Nanny passed away last month and then Ste announced he didn't want to live together anymore. So it has been a tough few weeks. Work is also manic which doesn't help matters. I am feeling a little lost at the moment. Ste and I are going to remain as "Companions" a bit like Sherlock Holmes & Joan Watson in Elementary!

So we have a couple of weeks to get the house packed up and put into storage whilst Ste and I move back to our parents houses. We still have snuggles and go out for dinner and bike rides which is fab :)

So Jane decided to drown her sorrows because of recently turning 30, so we should went to Leeds for a girly weekend! That was this weekend...11 of us in total :) I must say it was a pretty epic weekend and Ste let me loose with his credit card so I treated myself to a haircut. That always makes me feel better when I am down in the dumps.

It is Sunday afternoon. Back to work tomorrow and the house is a tip :(

There is washing to do and things to tidy.

Bugger it, Ste is watching the football and I am going to paint my nails and RELAX on the sofa ;)

Spud x

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