Tuesday, 16 April 2013

10 days till House Move

Wow, where has this month gone? There are only 10 days left before Ste and I start moving out. We haven't even started thinking about packing yet :/ I have had a clothing de-clutter and donated a large bag of clothing to charity. I have LOADS of make up, toiletries and jewellery that I shall give away to Ste's sister and Jane's little girl. The less stuff I have to take to my mums the more living space I will have (as it is very limited). Ste is at work this weekend so I will probably spend the weekend having a good clear out and start packing.

I can't believe it is only 18 days until my birthday! I haven't a clue what I would like. Maybe just clothing vouchers or something. I have all the techy things that I wanted :) my iPad rocks! I also have a whole week off work the second week in May and have no idea what to do with myself! Maybe just make Smunkees or something :/ as I haven't made any in about a month.

DarlingtonOS rehearsals probably start again on 9th May so I hope to get back into that for the October show. Should keep me occupied one evening a week :)

Ste and I are going to The Yorkshire Show in July and might go camping in early June. That will be nice. It feels like I haven't been away on a relaxing weekend in forever! I think Loughrigg Tarn is a perfect little hideaway for us to get away (as friends) for a long weekend.

I am going to buy some hair dye this evening and some new clothes for work so this evening I have something to do other than sat in front of the tv all night!

Spud x

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