Thursday, 7 February 2013

It's February?!

Where on earth has the beginning of this year gone? I got Stumpy back and he is all fixed :) Ste and I have been to The New Forest last weekend, which was expensive and exhausting! 800 miles in a Smart Car in 4 days isn't advisable.

It was lovely to spend some time with my auntie and uncle and my cousins (who are now 5 and nearly 3) who I haven't seen in 2 years! It is such a beautiful place but very expensive to live there. I think Ste and I will aim to move to North Yorkshire, which is just as beautiful but less expensive :)

On the way down souf we stopped off in Winchester and spent lots of monies...

Ste's wellies are really cool, as is my new coat and handbag! By this point we had practically run out of money before we had even got to The New Forest! We indulged ALOT, on takeout and ice cream. My diet has definitely gone out the window and I haven't yet climbed back on the wagon :/

We went to West Quay on the Saturday and Ste bought me a new dress. It is really pretty ^_^ and super comfortable! I need to get some new tights to go with it though as I laddered my green ones :(

I am into the country look at the moment :) Ste now has braces to go with his tweed and cords. He even gets dressed up just fir the ASDA delivery man ;o)

Quite the farmer!

Today is the 9 Month Anniversary of Ste and I first meeting :) and I love him so much! We have lots of things planned for this year, and next! Off to London at the beginning of March, super exciting! Not sure if we are going to see a show at the theatre or not, we shall see :) it is just nice to get away from work and Darlington and spend some quality time with Farmer Ste! <3

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