Wednesday, 16 January 2013

It was all going so well...

I got Stumpy back from the repairers yesterday and all seemed to be ok :) I organised for the hire car to be collected today...

This morning I unlocked Stumpy just fine and went to start the engine...uh oh. Electrics gone! I rang Mum who advised to ring the repairers etc (no good at 6:35am) luckily I got the car started and made it to BP Garage on North Road :) I locked Stumpy up and bought some De-Icer (I was only gone 2 mins) and by the time I unlocked the car again Stumpy's electrics had died :( This time I couldn't get him re-started.

So at this point it was already 7am - so I had to walk to work...

1 hour and 10 minutes later I staggered into work, my knee was so painful and I was so exhausted! I was in a BAD mood :'(

So I managed to get hold of the repairers who agreed to return to pick up Stumpy, however it took several hours and lots of different phone calls to several different companies to arrange for the hire car to be extended.

What a bloody faff on?!

Luckily Stumpy was collected and hire car extended however I got a stinking migraine which I struggled with all day :(

Had to go to sleep for a while when I got home which eased the migraine. Ste made me a meat feast for dinner, NOM NOM NOM!

So fingers crossed Stumpy gets fixed tomorrow, and all will go back to normal.

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