Friday, 11 January 2013

Busy busy busy!

We are going to see Les Miserables at the Cinema tonight after going to Pizza Express for dinner. I am really looking forward to it!

I have decided not to do The Sound of Music, as the dates of the show coincide with important dates for Ste and I. We have a lot of work left on the house and we need to get our home life sorted and comfortable in order to take on extra things. I vowed this year I would not take on too many things and stress myself out. This is why I am giving this show a miss. I hope we have the house sorted by May so I can do the next show!

I am currently into Sudoku, as the Metro morning newspaper that appears on my iPad provides me with a new puzzle everyday. I am not particularly fast at it but I am getting better. It is certainly working my brain anyway!

I set up Ste's Mii on the Wii Fit...

Haha it didn't have the option for sideburns only, so he has a full beard! At least I know what he will look like if he grows his beard. I'd rather he didn't :/

This weekend is HOUSE SORTING! Mum is coming to pick up the bed for Jak, I am going to have a massive throw out of crap that is not used! The Christmas decorations need to put away - yes they are still up in our living room! Also we need to design how we want the spare room (Study) to look and what furniture we may need to purchase. A trip to St. Theresa's Furniture charity shop may be a good idea as you can get some amazing solid wood from there!

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