Tuesday, 8 January 2013

8 Months!

Yesterday marked 8 months of Ste and I being together :) and what an eventful 8 months it has been!

We have been to London twice (third time in March), even though he works every other weekend we have spend lots of lovely weekends together, we moved into out first home, which is getting there slowly (still needs more painting).

We still speak to each other every single lunchtime, and tell each other that we love the other several times a day! I have never been happier!

So last night I went shopping and made dinner for us; Chicken in Stilton Sauce with homemade chips!

I didn't take any time off over Christmas so I am feeling a little exhausted at the moment and I am looking forward to a long weekend in Hampshire in just 24 days and then a long weekend in London in March :) We will have to book tickets for a couple of West End shows! It will be lovely to see Ste's Nanster, and just get away from work and Darlington for a bit!

I have auditions for The Sound of Music a week today and I haven't even started looking at the dialogue piece yet :/ never mind the song (which I know but am struggling with a couple of notes). Part of me is excited to do another show, although part of me wants to cuddle up at home and hibernate! I will be nervous but I hope to do my best and if I get a part Fantastic! If not then I will probably help out making costumes or backstage.

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