Friday, 4 January 2013

Men: Who'd have them?!

So Ste has the weekend off work and it's our 8 Month Anniversary on Monday. Yesterday Ste informed me that we were going out for a Meal with some of his friends tonight. Fab! :)

Later on he came back and said that the invite was for Ste only. Rude. I wasn't a happy bunny :(

On top of this Ste's manager decided he was going to have today off work meaning I would have to get up extra early, take Ste to work for 6:30am, then get myself to work by 7am then pick him up on the way home. There's all my petrol gone!

Bloody men!! Why can't they be organised and considerate of others!
Is it even possible? Is it just me or do they all suck at this?

So Stephen will be making it up to me this weekend...

Only 19 sleeps!

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