Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Getting fit!

So I cooked again last night; Pork Stir Fry, and made my own sauce using spices and soy and things ^_^ It actually tasted good!

After having our Wii stolen we got a second hand one from eBay so
last night I got Ste to set it all up for me and away I went! 40 minutes later and 250 calories burnt off, I was pretty knackered but felt much better for it. So I hope to go on for about 40 minutes every day after work, and find some time on a weekend and see if I can get fit and lose some weight!

We are on a mission to get the house together as well so last night we dismantled the spare bed (which is going to my brother). We have a whole load of junk to sort through, and some bits and pieces to get on eBay!

I have my audition workshop for The Sound of a Music tomorrow evening, then meal & movie on Friday, then house sorting at the weekend. Busy busy busy!

Spud signing off...

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