Monday, 14 January 2013

A relaxing but productive weekend..

So we want to Teeside Park at 6pm on Friday for Pizza Express, we were in, served and out by 6:30! Super fast service :) We then drove to Cineworld at Middlesbrough to see Les Miserables and it was absolutely fantastic! It was so heartbreaking and there were lots of tears (from the whole cinema) - I expect it will win some awards!

Saturday was spent in Pjs on the sofa in front of The Lord of the Rings Extended Trilogy. 11 hours spent doing not a lot was lovely :) Ste has joined the iPad Hobbit game (and already catching me up - humph!)

Sunday was a very productive day, we had a delightful breakfast at West Park Cafe, then spent the rest of the day sorting out the house. We got loads of stuff on eBay, changed the living room round, and re-organised the majority of the spare room!

Back to work today and it is SNOWING! Wohooooo!

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